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How To: Twirl a baton

In this instructional video series, expert Suzanne Von Schaack will show you all the basics and some advanced techniques of baton twirling. She covers figures eights, horizontal and reverse figure eights, throwing the baton in the air, passing hand to hand, cradling, and setting up your routine. Suzanne also offers tips on creating combinations and more advanced routines as well.

How To: Do a back handspring easily

In this video from ravenranda25 she shows how to do a back handspring. She shows a five step process, building a new element each time. First do a simple back bend. Second do a back bend with a kick over. Third, do a back bend with walkover. Fourth, do the back bend but keep your legs and feet together as you bring them over. Once you've mastered all of these elements you are ready for step five which is the complete back handspring. If you're a child, please make sure to get a parent to supe...

How To: Load and execute an extended liberty

After you've mastered the basics of an extension, you can move on to the extended liberty cheerleading stunt. Join Matt Null (NCA/Cheer Excel/Millersville), Jhana, Dena, and Lauren (Fire and Ice Allstars), and Greg (Step 1 Allstars) as you learn step by step how to do an extended liberty.

How To: Do advanced cheerleading

Today's cheerleading incorporates difficult stunts and gymnastics into the routines. ESPN even now broadcasts the National High School Cheerleading Competition nationally! Madonna, Paula Abdul, Sandra Bullock and even Ronald Reagan were all cheerleaders! So if you or your children want to crack next year's squad, learn from our expert Shyra Fernandez. Shyra will show you the correct way to perform various advanced jumps and stunts that will get you on your way to being a "crack" cheerleader.

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